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If your work life has become a mirror image of chaos and work overload, then iPhone is the device for you. It is not just a business phone but rather a one stop device to solve your small but consequential organizational problems. So much so that even doctors have hailed it as one of the most useful device to hit the market in ages.

The medical applications

A simple look at the best iPhone medical applications versus the Android medical applications, spells out the story. There is simply no comparison between the comprehensive functionality of iPhones and the Android applications. Most of the iPhone applications are not just free but are also much more effective on the user scale compared to other counterparts. It is important to note that more than 70 percent of applications available on App store are free of cost. Applications like Radiology 2.0 that was developed by a Yale biologist is a huge hit among the medial students. The drug reference application Micromedex is overwhelmingly approved by practitioners across all spectrums.

Groundbreaking approach

Apple is indeed the harbinger of all the innovation that floats around in the market. It snatched that tag from Microsoft years ago. Whether it is the fact that it creates its hardware or its unique approach towards the market, Apple’s every move draws buzz. One reason behind the amazing success of Apps store is the profit sharing model. This model is only one of its kinds. According to the official statement, Apple has paid around $2.5 billion to the app developers. This chunk forms 70 percent of all the revenue that Apple has generated from the sale of its applications. Market pundits and experts have commended this generous approach. No other big corporation has ever been this forthcoming in sharing its profits.

The road ahead

It is beyond doubt that Apple’s iOS is the most used and popular operating system in the tablet section. If experts are to be believed tablets are soon going to replace laptops. In that scenario, Apple will be able to take over the entire market from the Microsoft Corporation. A sign of this change is the unprecedented sales of iPads that have crossed the magical mark of 25 million users. The sales are only going up with every passing month. The latest figures are still not available but it is beyond doubt that if the market ever reaches its tipping point for iPads. Apple is going to make the most of it.

The verdict

The applications offered by Apps store are not only much more user friendly, but the amount of available options satisfies the most ardent of medical practitioners. Ranging from advice to expert opinion, everything is up for grabs and easily accessible. The fact that most of these applications are well received by the medical community is in itself a testament to of their superior functionality.

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