Apple launches 1st generation iPod nano replacement program

Apple launches 1st generation iPod nano replacement program

Apple has sent out emails to registered owners of 1st generation iPod nanos stating that certain iPod nanos created between September 2005 and January 2006 might overheat and pose a safety risk. This is because of a manufacturing defect from a single supplier, and the likelihood of problems increases as the model ages. Apple then directs the owner to a replacement program .

There have been some cases of the iPod nano’s battery overheating in the past, and while a search on Apple’s support site turns up a document, the link is currently not active . The issue turned up previously in 2009 , and the Japanese government said in 2008 that three fires were caused in Japan from faulty 1st-generation nano batteries, and that Apple had two other reported cases where people were burned by their iPod nanos.

For those wondering if the emails they received are legitimate, a link to the replacement program can be found directly from Apple’s support site for earlier models of the iPod nano and Apple’s exchange and repair extension program .

The full email text can be read below.

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