Hide your iPhone headphones the right way with iHeadCase

Carrying around headphones can be quite a hassle if you have nowhere to put them. Wrapping them around your iPhone isn’t a great option either as it can cause damage. If you have higher end headphones, you might as well leave them at home!  iHeadCase is an innovative product that can help solve that problem with style and portability.

What is iHead Case?

iHeadCase is a headphone storage system that attaches to your iPhone. You can keep your headphones safely hidden and protected; you can have easy access as well by its quick wind and unwind feature.



This case is made of light, durable Polycarbonate.  It has a curved design and allows for a more natural grip. The back cover doubles as a stand for landscape hands-free viewing.


The iHeadCase Wallet combines a protective case and a Wallet or Clutch and the storage system is in the back. It is made of polyurethane, an animal-friendly faux leather. You can fit three credit cards, ID, business cards, and bills.

The female Clutch version will be available with wrist straps and other customizations.


Meet Belal and Aqua

This product is ready for production but needs some support. Find out more on how you can contribute to this campaign and have an opportunity to pre-order these products at reduced rates.

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