Quirky Quarkie headphones for the audiophile

We received this gem to review and let me say off the bat that I love these eyeballs. Ok let me rephrase,  I love these eyeball headphones. British designed Quarkie  headphones are great accessories that one can easily include with their Halloween costume. Their current designs include:

  • Viperhead (snake head protruding)
  • Cateye
  • Snake Eye
  • Chameleon Eye
  • Rusty Bolt
  • Gemstone

I don’t think I’ve seen headphones like this designed before. At the very minimum, they should get props just for their unique appeal.


By no means am I an audiophile. However, I’ll try to be as detailed as I can with my assessment of this neat little accessory. Usually when I’m shopping for headphones for my iPhone (which I use mainly as a music device)  I just want something that has good quality sound, period. I don’t really care about brand names or bother much with comparisons. However, Quarkie has what I need:

  • British studio-monitor sound quality
  • High quality ear tips: XS, S, M, L
  • Excellet external noise isolation (26 dB)
  • Awesome clean, clear bass
  • 13.5 mm hi-tech drive unit
  • Exclusive aluminum voice coil
  • Neodymium magnets
  • High sensitivity, low distortion

 Just your average listener

I’m not one to spend loads of cash on high end anything (unless they are cameras or computers *wink). However, I could immediately see the difference between your standard headphones that cost $20.00 and Beats by Dr. Dre which cost about $150.00 give or take. I know there are ones that are more expensive and probably better quality. As an average listener, headphones like Beats are more than good enough for me, which brings me to Quarkie; I would place Quarkie up there with Beats in both price and quality.

Sound Quality

I wanted to test these out with different songs and genres. So, I just played a few songs from the Goo Goo Dolls to Linkin Park to Yanni. I have to say I was rather impressed by the quality of sound.


Wow. Everything was so crisp and clear, especially with vocals. I didn’t hear any distortion, the bass was balanced, and mids/highs were perfect. This was really evident in some of the pop songs that I listened to. If you’re listening to old school R&B, jazz or live performance, I think you will be pleased.


One of Quarkie’s strengths is its in-ear noise canceling feature. When you put these headphones on, you are immediately whisked away to your own “audio haven”. I closed my eyes and I just got lost in the music. I couldn’t hear the TV, nor could I hear the jets fly outside (we have an airshow this weekend). If you are looking for headphones to drown out annoying sounds (whether that’s someone nagging at you .. or screaming kids…or that chatty lady next to you on the subway) these are perfect for you!

Great for variety of music

These headphones are great for listening to a variety of genres. My only caveat is that when I listened to some songs with high treble, I could hear a little too much of the highs. This  goes back to my observation of the clarity of these headphones. While you can clearly hear everything–you can CLEARLY hear everything!   My ears can get sensitive, but you may not notice. So, if you have sensitive ears don’t turn up the volume that high. Also, if you’re looking for really deep bass I don’t think you’ll get that with these headphones. The bass is perfect for my listening pleasure but I know that some people prefer REALLY deep resonating bass in their headphones. I would say that these are more like the great Bose system you might have in your home —  good surround sound.

Overall I give these a big thumbs up!



For the quality of sound you get, I think these are priced about right. The chord  has a protective cloth-like sheath which should aid in the longevity of this product. The headphones also come with different sized ear piece covers which will be good if you have problems getting headphones to stick in your ear!

Where to get them:

You can go directly to Quarkie’s website to order or through Amazon

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