COMING SOON: The New iPhone 5S in Trial Production**

Rumor has it that Apple is already preparing for the production of the iPhone5S according to news sources from China called DigiTimes.

The rumor has it also that the trial production volumes of the new iPhone5S will be around 50,000-100,000 units.

Business Insider reports: “Apple has reportedly “accelerated” the certification process for parts and materials in the new phone because of production problems with the iPhone 5.

In addition, the rumor states that there is also an update and a newer version of the iPad Mini with a “retina” screen which will follow a quarter later than the new iPhone 5S.

 Stay tuned for this breaking news!

 Read more from Business Insider: Forget The iPhone 5 — Apple Is About To Start Production Of The iPhone 5S [Report]


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