iPhone 5 Launch In China Could Boost Apple’s Holiday Quarter [Apple Stock Investment]

In line with Apple’s plans to make this year’s iPhone launch its fastest roll-out ever, Chinese carriers are hopeful of launching the iPhone 5 in the country before the year-end. China Telecom Chairman Wang Xiaochu, in a brief interview with the Wall Street Journal Friday, said that the company plans to launch the device by early December or sooner. While China Unicomsounded less certain about the launch date, it has already received initialregulatory approval to officially launch the iPhone 5 in China. A December launch of the iPhone 5 in China may not be confirmed news yet, but going by the three month time-frame in which Applehad launched the 4S earlier this year, it does seem very likely.

Apple [@aapl] closed Tuesday at $542.90 UP .01% ***

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