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Are you an Apple fangirl? We are and that’s why we dedicated this site for Apple ladies!

Now that doesn’t mean that you have to be a lady to write or us, but this site is about products geared towards ladies! So, if you find something great to share that ladies and men (too) would love that’s stylish, functional, and apple-oriented, please share. Write as little or as often as you want.
What we’re looking for

  • Apple enthusiasts who keep up-to-date with Apple products and accessories geared towards women and girls.
  • We prefer between 200-500 word per post.
  • You don’t have to be a Pulitzer Prize writer, but please write clearly and coherently. Your article will be rejected if it does not read clearly.
  • Original work. No plagiarizing please. You can add a snippet to another site if you find a great article and don’t want to write a full article. But keep it to one paragraph , link to the full article and above all , please do not pass the work off as your own. Same goes for pictures you upload. We have a library of photos you can use that are approved for public domain.
  • Please provide all links to products discussed as well as outside websites.


If you become a regular contributor, you may be eligible for free products for review.

Video and Podcasts Welcomed
Prefer to speak instead of write? We welcome your videos and podcasts, but please keep them under 5 minutes, unless you are doing an in-depth interview. We don’t want to lose viewers — look to sites like CNET for inspiration. Oh and please keep the language clean—this is a family friendly website!

Don’t feel like writing, but have great ideas?

  • We welcome tips, suggestions and product reviews from you. Just fill out the contact  form below .

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