Unique Gifts for Working Millennials

If the holidays is not only for children, who else is it for? Well for one thing, it’s also for millennials working hard to make Christmas happen. And if you’re reading this, you’re probably searching for Christmas gift ideas to give your Secret Santa for your upcoming office party. Reader, you’ve come to the right place.

Pop Culture Funko Pops

Best Christmas gift for: Pop culture geeks

While the intended market is children, most millennials are out there collecting these cool figurines for themselves or for selling. There’s always a Funko for every kind of fandom, so why not give your Marvel fan officemate a Thor Funko? You get to choose from thousands of Funko designs so you’ll have plenty of time to find out what your receiver’s fandom really is.

ACQUA Tumblers

Best Christmas gift for: Trendy water-and-other-beverage drinkers

Another hot trend today is hydrating. Since drinking water is important, these ACQUA tumblers would make great gifts for millennials. Each tumbler can keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. Plus, you can have these tumblers personalized for an extra PHP 150. A list of gift ideas for millennials won’t be complete without personalized items, you know.

Home Wifi Prepaid

Best Christmas gift for: Freelancers, home buddies

Having a stable internet connection can take months to accomplish. Give your freelancer friends the gift of instant internet access with the Home Wifi Prepaid kit. Not only is it convenient and flexible, your friends won’t need to worry about monthly payments because they can just pay for the exact bandwidth they need. Now they don’t have a reason to seenzone you.

Pleated Tote Bag

Best Christmas gift for: On-the-go millennials

Sometimes, the workplace is like a jungle. It’s best to have your essentials with you at all times. That’s why this neat tote bag is the perfect gift for the on-the-go millennials in your life. Now they can pack all the things they need for the day and look good doing it. And in this incredibly busy world we live in, that’s the best compromise anyone can get.

Fresh Charmed Lip Trio Gift Set

Best Christmas gift for: Beauty junkies, makeup enthusiasts

How can we forget the beauty and makeup enthusiasts in your life? Add this Fresh Charmed Lip Trio set to your gift ideas for millennials list. It comes with a lip polish and a lip treatment nourishment, coupled with a lip balm for that all-around lip care solution. Not only can this care kit take care of dry lips, it can also boost the confidence of anyone who will receive it.


Unique Gift Ideas for the Person Who Has Everything

We all have that one person on our list — the one who is, in a word, impossible to shop for. They always have the latest and greatest of everything, making it a daunting task to buy them anything — especially if you’re concerned you’ll measure up to what they already own. But even a person who’s first to all the innovative skin-care trends or the most high-tech hot tools for hair needs to be spoiled once in a while. That’s why Apple 4 Ladies’ super-specific unique gift list for the hard-to-please perfectionist is focused on the luxurious, the coziest, and the most relaxing. Everyone needs a little bit of self-care, especially during the winter months.

Enter this helpful list of unique, exciting, and genuinely cool gifts that are sure to please even the pickiest people you know. Dare we say, you just might *impress* them with your gift this year.

ReDown Sleeping Bag Puffer Coat

Your outdoorsy friend who’s been hunting for the perfect winter coat is about to meet their match. Everlane’s latest innovation adds warmth without bulk, cocooning the body in a layer of down repurposed from recycled pillows and comforters, for outerwear that’s as conscious as it is cozy.

Paravel Weekender Bag

Designed to be the perfect size for a weekend getaway, this canvas cotton tote comes in three colors, and also happens to be fully customizable. (You can add an embroidered monogram in a square created by the leather accents for a practical gift the jet-setter in your life is sure to love.)

Moglea Hand-Painted Notebook

There’s nothing like a blank notebook to get those creative juices flowing, and the painterly cover on this Moglea number has our synapses positively firing. Even better, this is something your choosy artist friend definitely doesn’t have in their collection. Each notebook is hand-painted and bound at the brand’s studio on a farm in Audubon, Iowa, so no two are alike.


Find the hardest-working person on your list, the one with the longest hours and craziest work weeks, and gift them this Herbivore Cosmetics trio. The two body polishes and the body oil are formulated to slough away stress — along with stressed skin — at the end of a busy day, with calming scents that will turn any shower into an oasis of calming energy.

Framebridge Instagram Mini

Upload any photo from your Instagram feed, choose the frame and border mat, and ta-da, your favorite snapshot comes framed and ready to hang. We’re gonna bet that any of your Insta-obsessed friends will love this (just maybe make sure that they’ve liked the picture first, before that metric disappears forever).

Winc Wine Subscription

For the relative you always rely on to select the wine for the table at family dinners out, this subscription program is a no-brainer. They’ll fill out a simple tasting profile to give Winc a feel for their palate, and the company will deliver a range of bottles straight to their door, where they can be as adventurous or as comfortable as they like, with absolutely no judgment.

Vitruvi Porcelain Essential Oil Diffuser

You know that feeling when you walk into a home where nothing is out of place and every single item looks like art? This is a gift for the owners of those homes: a sleek, porcelain diffuser from Vitruvi that’s as beautiful as it is useful, sending a calming stream of steam subtly scented with essential oils throughout any living space.

SkinCeuticals Brightening Skin System

For the beauty lover in your life who’s always inquiring about your skin-care routine, show them what the fuss is all about with a four-piece set from SkinCeuticals. The Brightening Skin System is stacked with Best of Beauty-winning products that tackle unevenness and discoloration with hard-working ingredients like phloretin, ferulic acid, and retinol for radiance-boosting results.



10 DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets

Surprise your valentine this year with a creative gift made from the heart.

Ah, the season of love has arrived yet again, giving couples a reason to tell cheesy pick-up lines and gush about how utterly in love they are with each other. Usually, couples will spend their money on loads of chocolate and flowers, which is completely fine, but why not do something different this year and create a little something I call a “Love Basket”? The basket you create can be as expensive or inexpensive as you want, and will be sure to surprise the one you love this season. Also, I guarantee you will have fun putting your Love Basket together!

1. You’re no impasta; you’re the one I love.

Create a git that will make for a nice Valentine’s Day dinner for two. Use a metal/plastic noodle strainer as your basket; then fill with a jar of spaghetti sauce, your favorite type of noodle, bottle of wine and a loaf of bread. Remember to be creative, I would for sure add Parmesan cheese to this one.

2. I won the lottery when I fell in love with you.

Here is a tall glass vase used to hold the lottery tickets (you can find at Walmart or craft store). The bottom is loaded with a favorite candy and then wooden sticks are used to arrange the lottery tickets at different levels in the vase. Use tape or a hot glue gun to stick the lottery tickets to the wooden sticks. So easy and such a fun idea! You could win big bucks, too!

3. I love you to pieces.

With the same idea as the lottery tickets, hot glue the candy bars to wooden sticks. You can find large boxes of Reese’s Pieces at your nearest gas station or Walmart to create the base. In this case you would need to get a block of styrofoam to keep the sticks in place and those can be found in Walmart or a craft store. Keep in mind this idea can be used with any type of candy!

4. You’re a natural at being sweet.

A perfect gift for someone that would rather have fruit than chocolate. The basket here was created with a simple cardboard box and you can decorate it up with ribbon, or use a sharpie and write cheesy words or draw cool designs. Use fresh fruits, nuts and even sauces like jams or honey to make up this naturally sweet box!

5. You’re such a hot-tea.

If your sweetheart requests coffee or tea first thing in the morning, this is the perfect gift. The basket is a nice fabric tote that can be found at your nearest Walmart or Target. And you’re in luck because the coffee and tea can be found at the same place! Something I think that would make a great addition to this basket would be some coffee syrups and sugar cubes.

6. Now’s the time to play games with my heart.

Create a fun game night basket that is perfect for just you and your loved one or for the entire family! Get a large bucket from Target or Walmart and fill to the top with snacks and games. This will only give you a better reason to purchase those games you’ve been meaning to buy for awhile now!

7. I’m so glad I got to meat you.

Such a cool idea for the jack and jerky lover in your life. Find a wooden basket at your nearest Walmart or Target and fill with beef jerky sticks (or packs), whisky shooters and a jar of nuts (I would also add coke). You will be loved forever.

8. You make my heart pop.

Plan a night in with your valentine with a movie night basket! Reusable popcorn buckets can be found at your nearest Bed, Bath and Beyond, but if you don’t have one close by, you can always use a big glass/plastic bowl as the base of your basket. Fill with movies, popcorn, candy and pop. I’ve made one of these before, and I added in a nice pair of pajama pants since this was a “movie night” idea. Everything you would need for this basket can be purchased at your nearest Walmart.

9. Let’s fire up some love.

For the one who loves to grill in the relationship, make them a grilling basket! Spring is on its way and this is perfect to get in the mood and make some burgers to celebrate your Valentine’s Day. Use a wooden basket for the base and fill with seasonings, barbecue sauce, pop/booze and utensils. This will be sure to win over your grilling lover’s heart.

Another idea with the similar cooking concept could be to make a baking basket and call it “baking up some love.” You can get a big mixing bowl and fill with cupcake mix, frosting, sprinkles, towels, a spatula and a little muffin tin!

Check out 15 Amazing Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets.

10. No need to make up your mind babe, I’m right here.

Surprise your valentine with a basket filled with her makeup and beauty needs. Here they used a small fabric basket, but you could use a makeup box/bag. You can fill it with makeup brushes, an eye shadow palette (one with colors you like so she knows what to wear), an eyelash curler, nail polish, nail filer, nail clippers and much more.

This is a basket that you can even turn into a spa day at home and fill with face masks, nail polishes, soaps, sugar scrubs, wine and chocolate. All can be found in the same area at Walmart or Target.


Make Your Own Fruit Basket

Making your own fruit basket to give as a gift makes perfect sense, no matter the time of year.

Whether it is during the Christmas holidays or to commemorate an occasion such as a birthday or anniversary, or you are in need of an extra-special way to say thank-you, a fruit basket fits the bill. If you are separated by a great distance from the person who is receiving the gift, then utilizing an on-line gift fruit shipper makes your task very simple. However, for those who are in your immediate area, a fruit basket that you have assembled, packaged and delivered makes your gift even more heart-felt.

The initial step in making your own fruit basket is to assemble the fruits and other products you would like to include. Start with traditional, readily available fruits such as oranges, apples and bananas. Then consider adding seasonal or exotic fruits. For instance, at Christmas time, you may want to include Comice pears. Comice pears are at their peak during the holiday season and are a sweet addition to any fruit display. Fresh strawberries are at their best during the spring and would add great color and taste to any fruit basket. In the summer, try including mangos, plums or peaches. Favorite fall fruit basket additions might be grapes or specialty apples and pears.

Once you have selected the fruits for your basket, it is time to work on toward the finished product. Traditionally, a straw or other natural fiber basket is used; either with or without a handle. The basket options are only limited by your own creativity. Any receptacle that will hold the fruit and look festive will do – even a decorative ceramic or glass bowl, flower pot, wire basket, antique wooden crate, etc. The container should be lined with shredded paper or a similar product that will cushion the fruit and help it to stay in place. Put the largest, heaviest fruits in first and then display the smaller fruit around them. Next, secure the fruit in the basket by wrapping with cellophane or heat-sealable plastic wrapping. Both are available in various colored and can be coordinated with the holiday or special occasion.

Finally, your fruit basket is ready for presentation. You may want to place your fruit basket in a large box for transport. Be sure to secure the fruit basket with packing materials so that it doesn’t tip over. Once you arrive at your destination, remove the fruit basket from the box, present and be prepared for smiles and words of appreciation for your from-the-heart gift.

Learn more about DYI fruit basket gift ideas by MelanieCooks.

10 DIY Gift Ideas You Can Give to Your Friends

Are you trapped inside your thoughts because you still haven’t figured out what kind of gifts are best to give to your friends? Keep reading for some DIY gift ideas!

1.  Cinnamon-Roasted Treat 

Bake almonds sprinkled with cinnamon if you want to make one of those perfect gifts for someone trying to embrace a healthy lifestyle. This healthy snack is easy to make — it takes only 15 minutes to prepare!


You will require an egg white and a teaspoon of cold water, four mugs of entire almonds, ½ glass sugar, ¼ teaspoon salt, ½ teaspoon cinnamon.. Begin by preheating the stove to 250 degrees. Oil a 10×15 inch jellyroll pan.


Lightly beat the egg white, add water, and beat until frothy. Add the nuts and stir. Mix the sugar, salt, and cinnamon, and sprinkle over the nuts. Hurl to coat, and spread equitably on the arranged dish. Bake for 1 hour within the preheated stove.

2.  DIY Birthstone Bracelet 

A birthstone bracelet is one of the easiest yet luxurious-looking DIY gifts to give your friends. Run to the shop to buy the materials required and make your buddy proud to have you by their side.


You’ll need one string of beads, one package of endcaps, headpins, two jump rings, one magnetic clasp, assorted beads of your choice, rounded pliers, and needle-nose pliers.


Instructions are easy. Slide the extra leather into the open endcaps. Utilizing the needle-nose forceps, fold each side down toward the middle on both sides, then jump rings.



Include the clasp and, after holding the ring with both sets of forceps once more, move the closes toward each other until they are near (on both sides). Snatch one of your headpins and include a bead. Take the adjusted forceps and twist the tail in reverse to form a circle.


Once you have a loop, snare it onto the hop ring and utilize the pincers to twist it shut.  Repeat the step as needed, and you’ll be ready for the gifting season! 

3.  Lemonade Kit With Pitcher 

Can you even name one person who dislikes useful DIY gift ideas? If your friend enjoys the taste of freshly squeezed lemonade, then this gift set is perfect!!


All you need to make it are a pitcher, seven fresh lemons, one cup of sugar (not necessary, depending on your friend’s taste), instructions, and twine. Put lemons and sugar in the pitcher and attach instructions to the outside of the pitcher.

4.  Homemade Salsa 

Have you got any friends who like Mexican food? Oh, you do? Why don’t you surprise them with a homemade salsa DIY gift?


You’ll only need one pound of tomatoes, half chopped white onion, one chopped garlic clove, one chopped jalapeno, one teaspoon cilantro, half teaspoon salt, and half teaspoon cumin, juice from one lime, and a pinch of salt.


First, combine onion and garlic and pulse in a food processor. Then add the tomatoes, jalapeno, cilantro, lime juice, salt, cumin, and sugar and pulse again.


Store in a cute jar and stick a funny note to it! 

5.  Washi Tape Gift Box 

Washi tape box has to be one of the most creative DIY gift ideas ever! It’s a perfect present for the creative soul. You only need a box, as many washi tapes as you like, and scissors.


Decorate any box with washi tape, and it will become the cutest gift box ever. Put a personalized present inside, and whoa — your best friend will certainly love it! 

6.  Personalized Notebook 

A personalized notebook is yet another DIY gift idea for the creative soul who is very close to you. You’ll only need a notebook, embellishments, a paintbrush, and mod podge.


Start by coating the notebook in a thin layer of Mod Podge Hard Coat. Then add all the embellishments you want. To do that, you need to put a little mod podge on them too.

7.  Wire Photo Frame

One of the best gifts to give to your friends who are still in college or school is a wire photo frame! It’s a decorative item that will always remind them of you.


To make this, you need a jewelry wire, 12 gauge, wire cutters, and needle-nose pliers. Measure your template (a CD case is a great choice), and cut a piece of the 12 gauge wire according to the measurements. As simple as that, but so cute!

8.  Reusable Shopping Bag 

If you have a friend who cares about the environment a lot, then this is the right gift for that person. You’ll need one yard of fabric, thread, scissors, rotary cutter and mat, sewing pins, iron, ironing board, and sewing machine.


With little research and by watching free sewing videos, you can use a sewing machine to sew a bag of any base. Your friend will be grateful to you!

9.  Customized Mouse Pads 

Today we live in a digital world, and this gift is what everyone would love. If your friend is an entrepreneur or gamer, then this gift would be the best choice! So, why not give them a little love with a customized mouse pad gift?


The materials you need are an inkjet printer, fabric, paper, spray adhesive, and a sheet of craft foam (or old mouse pad). Using the spray adhesive method, print out the image of choice onto the fabric.

Peel off the printed fabric and, if it’s wrinkled, iron it. Then spay a thin coat of the spray adhesive on the craft foam, attach the fabric and trim off if needed. Your gift is ready now

10.   Painted Herb Pot 

There are many ways to decorate a herb pot. It doesn’t require a special method, and it sure is the perfect DIY gift for anyone who loves nature and growing herbs. Clay pots, spray paint, and decorative items or stickers of your choice are all you need for this project.


Apply the stickers on a clay pot. Then apply one coat of spray and let it dry for three hours. Apply a second coat of spray paint and let it dry for another three hours. Remove the stickers and — done!


Now, the filling process, which takes only ten minutes of your time! Put a few stones in the bottom of the pots for drainage, add some potting soil, and plant the starts of the herbs you chose.


Gifting doesn’t need to be difficult, but it is a beautiful thing that you can do for little money, and that does not take much time. Choose from one of our DIY gift ideas and surprise a friend today.

Russian Nesting Dolls: Can You Spot What’s Fake And What’s Real?

Nesting doll, a doll which looks very basic however loaded with startling sense, ended up being the best embodiment of the present time soul. It is so popular in Russia that it has become a land of nesting dolls. Nesting doll as a type of folk art has gigantic potential to pass on the most profound feeling of the occasions developed in existence. The jamboree folk component which is found in the nesting doll beautification use to allow exclusively for rising life’s endless issues, however to acknowledge contemporary life in its ordinary and occupied frame.


For example, there is an entire scope of Russian nesting dolls delineating Russian tsars, Russian and remote state and public officials. Using nesting dolls as political accessory, they depict current politicians and have a peculiar old convention style seeming to go a long time back. For example, an extremely outstanding nesting doll-exaggeration was painted by S. I. Mamontov, V. A. Serov. V. A. Serov humself, performers N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov, P. A. Spiro, and different applicants of the theatrical exhibitions of Mamontovs were spoken to on the same in Turkish costumes. Also, learning how to tell if Russian nesting doll is real is a very important matter.

The Family Usage

Once in a while nesting doll spoke to the entire family with various youngsters and individuals from family unit. A few nesting dolls used to be devoted to past themes. They represented boyars as well as their spouses, Russian honorability of the seventeenth century and unbelievable Russian bogatyrs (warriors). A few kind of nesting dolls used to be devoted to the book characters. For example, in 1909 to praise the centennial of Gogol’s birth, a series of nesting dolls depicted the natures of his books. In 1912, to praise the century of the Patriotic War agains Napoleon nesting dolls depicted Kutuzov and Napoleon whose puppets contained littler dolls of their field commanders. Some nesting dolls acquired their subjects from folk tales and folk gallant adventures: Princess Swan and Tsar Dadon from Pushkin’s tales, Yershov’s tale’s ‘The Little Humpbacked Horse’, some characters from Krylov’s tale ‘The Quartet’.

Political Changes

All political changes of the late 1980s and the mid 1990s are being spoken to in the interesting cartoons. The political nesting doll has an unmistakable ‘subordination’. M. S. Gorbachev’s incredible political career during perestroika got him prominence numerous European and American states. ‘Groby’ turned into the most loved nesting doll of that time. Elaborately it takes after ‘Hetman’ a great deal. ‘Hetman’ was an acclaimed nesting doll of the mid twentieth century from Sergiev Posad. None of the politicians have gotten away from this fatedo see our political nesting dolls choice.

Long time back toward the start of the twentieth century a few painters endeavored to utilize nesting doll as a surface to paint a few pictures on it. It could be either fantasy theme or a landscape. These endeavors made in the past developed another nesting doll kind.

Its wooden frame is utilized to reproduce either theme. Two customs in nesting doll painting happens to be connected mind one another: the equivalent of Sergiev Posad painting happens to joinNizhny Novgorod ornamental way. Apron of the Nesting doll’s happens to be a conventional place to include the significant component in the Nizhny Novgorod nesting dolls. This exact detail use to be acquired by current toy creators.

  • Different kinds of of nesting dolls happens to be recognized by the manner in which their aprons happens to be painted.

The painter happens to be the following craftsman to chip away at the matryoshka. Previously made matryoshkas used to be painted with a hazy type of watercolor; these days, top notch gum based paint (colloid-based paint like blurb paint), oil, and different paints (equivalent to those utilized by artists on canvas) are utilized to shading the dolls. Watercolors are likewise utilized, however watercolor dolls are progressively uncommon and costly in light of the fact that watercoloring wood is a troublesome procedure. The painters are genuine artists who know the character of the wood, the custom of the matryoshka and other wooden toys, and national costume and folk tales, and their very own individual artistic qualities. The themes used to paint the matryoshka are normally commonplace of the studio of the artist and the locale and are suited to the size and state of the dolls. The artistic style might be exceptionally coarse or to a great degree finsome of the time, just a solitary hair from a brush is utilized to include eyelashes and strings of trim. Gold leaf is likewise added to improve the detailing.

Nesting dolls speaking to Trinity–The architectural monuments, of the old Russian towns of Suzdal, Vladimir, Novgorod and other, St. Sergius Monaster, use to be extremely well known see an example of such nesting doll portraying the Golden Ring of Russia.

The pattern of utilizing ornamental components which are run of the mill for Russian folk culture conventional focuses turns out to be increasingly more well known in the decoration of present day nesting doll. All the time one can able to view a nesting doll which was painted Zhostovo, a la Gzhel, Palekh or Khokhloma.

Present day nesting doll retains in certain ways the fortune of folk Russian art conventions. Author’s nesting dolls are extremely expressive and vigoroussee an example of restrictive authors’ nesting dolls.

  • It was very natural in the late 1980s and mid 1990s that numerous Russian expert artists and skilled workers prior denied by specific obstructions started to paint nesting dolls. This kind of art uncovered their vitality which has been saved for quite a while. The nesting dolls painting guzzles all splendid, crisp components associated with the reestablishment and the renaissance of Russian culture of the twentieth century.
  • It is conceivable to state that this time has provided the world the new kind of artpainted nesting doll of Russian author’s which is presently a portion of many Russian and Western art accumulations.

We can see dignity and lowliness, power and seek after the future, profound distress and unlimited comicalness in the Russian decorated nesting doll. Time passes by and the modern ages are inspired by the aptitude and creative ability of the folk makers and author’s nesting dolls. It is from this source they infer imperative the power and vitality for their very own journey and accomplishments.

Nesting dolls may not be one of those popular action figure dolls but they are a tremendous artistic occasion which requires comprehension. It is sculpture and painting, picture and soul of Russia. You can find many of these stacking dolls at nestingdolls.co.

Winter Onesies That Will Change Your Life

It turns out that modern mothers have only three main requirements for winter onesies i.e. lightness, waterproofness and reasonable price. However, the inventor of the onesie Winston Churchill thought otherwise. It is clear that it makes no sense to buy onesies for $ 200, from which the baby will grow by the spring. As for waterproofing and lightness, almost all the best brands like Columbia, Spider Kids, and The North Face sew the perfect winter clothes for children that meet all the requirements of their parents.

For the Little Ones

Babies should choose a soft, comfortable onesie that allows you to sleep quietly while walking in a stroller. Fusion models of duck down onesies are very popular with moms. But you can choose and high-quality artificial fillers.Often, such onesies are sold with attached booties, which do not need to wear shoes, perfect as Halloween costume for babies.

Impermeability probably doesn’t matter at that age. But comfortable fasteners, reducing the time of fees for a walk is very important. Make sure that there are no rough seams anywhere, especially on the back, or simply choose products from proven brands, everything is in order there.

Check out many more winter onesies that can literally save your life only at https://kigurumi.co.

The First Steps

The first walks in the snow can be for the baby the brightest emotion of the coming winter. Even if he does not remember all this in adult life, joyful laughter from jumping into snowdrifts is priceless. Just imagine how many beautiful photos you can make with your baby on a jumpsuit onesie. You can also be fashionable with onesies, so buying one gives a full potential on its use.

Up to a year, you can safely wear a one-piece onesie. Only here, waterproofing plays a key role. In the description, look for the abbreviation DWR (durable water repellent), which means that the material repels moisture from rain and snow. Some manufacturers refer to this in one word – “waterproof.”

But if you are walking in a car or visiting closed areas, for example, shopping centers and cafes choose to transform onesies or semi-onesies. So you can remove the top, and the baby just will not be hot.

Even waterproof onesies may well be breathing, so you should not worry that in such a child it will sweat too much during the game. If the description of the product has the phrase breathable protection, it means that you have found exactly such material.

A wide variety of onesies makes parents confused. What form to choose, what insulation is better, what size will fit now and in a year? These and many other questions arise before purchase, and many mothers do not know how to choose a winter onesies for a child up to a year.

Size and type of onesies

The length should be selected from how many seasons it is planned to wear. For one winter, it is advisable to buy models in the form of a bag with combined legs. Stock to the growth is of 10 – 15 cm. The cold season lasts on average 5 – 6 months. During this time, the baby can grow by 6 – 9 cm.

Most parents prefer to take onesies for two winters. However, conventional models, even with a margin, often become small by the second winter. In this case, it is better to buy transforming onesies with adjustable legs.

To pick up comfortable fleece things underneath is not a problem at all. Now the stores are full of comfortable clothes for any age from birth to school.


And, finally, it would not be superfluous to mention light reflectors. It gets dark early in winter, so an extra safety element during a walk doesn’t hurt at all. Most brands make first reflective stripes on onesies, pants, and onesies. Look for reflective details or reflective stripes in the item description.

Lightning should not scratch hands. But, as we have already written, proven American and European manufacturers do not allow such missteps, unlike Chinese ones.

Let’s talk about the material from which the onesies are sewn. Here you need to consider several factors at once:

The top layer of the onesies should be waterproof, in case you have to fall under the snow or rain. Of course, such a condition is not obligatory, after all, the child will lie in a wheelchair, and raincoats are provided for the case of precipitation. However, when choosing between wetted and waterproof fabrics, other things being equal, preference should be given to the second.

Onesies for children can be made of down, padding polyester, Tinsley, etc. The latter is becoming more and more popular. Thinsulate is much warmer than down. However, we should not forget that in newborns the heat exchange is disturbed and it is very easy to overheat them. Therefore, choose the filler that is best considered for your climatic conditions.

The lining of the onesies is most often made of sheepskin or fleece. Sheepskin lining is more suitable for harsh winters and from fleece for warm, especially when you are into wearing onesies while running outside. It should be noted that in thermal onesies, only fleece linings are used. But such onesies are not designed for cold winters. Their lower temperature limit is minus 10 degrees.

Winter transforming onesies for the newborn

Let’s talk about this type of winter clothing for a newborn, like an envelope-onesies. It is worth saying that these onesies have practically no flaws. It can be used as an envelope when the child is very small and as onesies when he is a little older. To make an envelope out of onesies and vice versa, it is enough to lightning on the legs. Another feature of a winter transformer onesies for a newborn is the possibility of resizing. That is, while the child is small, there is enough space in the onesies-envelope. The legs, in this case, are zipped at the bottom. And if it is in onesies, then there are about six additional centimeters because now the child’s legs can look out of his pants.

How to choose the size of a winter onesies for a newborn?

If your child is already born, then you can choose the size based on his height at the beginning of winter. But in any case, to buy onesies size, 56 is impractical.

However, choosing onesies for travelling is another story. You need not only consider the size but many factors as well!

Size of winter onesies for a newborn

Since for three winter months and maybe November and March will be captured, your baby will grow very much. If you plan to buy onesies in November, it is better to take the size equal to the growth of the child plus 10-12 centimeters. Children, as you know, grow quickly, and what could be great at the beginning of winter may turn out to be small by the end. Therefore, the more is the better. If you choose onesies for a still unborn baby, then everything is a little more complicated. The growth of children at birth ranges from 48 to 56 centimeters. And to predict it is almost impossible in this case, suitable for newborns winter envelope onesies. Its size can be 62 or 68. It depends not only on the expected growth based on, for example, hereditary factors but also on the month in which replenishment is expected. It won’t be long enough then when you choose winter onesies for women and men since babies nowadays grow very fast!

5 Love Bracelet Styles You’d Love To Have

Friendship bracelets are enjoying an ever-growing community. Why friendship bracelets are so popular with young and old. They express a kind of affection towards the opposite. Confidence and fellowship connects with these bracelets.Here can friendship bracelets look very different. On the one hand, it is the materials that make up the bracelets. And on the other hand, the various forms that make up these beautiful friendship bracelets.Who wants to make these bracelets, has many possibilities of shapes and patterns.Here we present today the Watercourse love bracelet.

Check out more love bracelet designs at affordable prices at braceletworld.co.

What materials do we need for this friendship bracelet?

  • Two strings Para cord – of course.
  • The Para cord cords should be about 1,90m per string long.
  • For this we need a lighter for the ends.
  • A pair of scissors to cut off the ends.
  • And I used a pair of pliers to possibly edit the ends.
  • For better orientation I use shortcuts for the strings. So string A is the one with the eyelet and the other string B.

Let’s not our friendship bracelets

  • First, we put both cords together in the middle to equal parts. Next, we put a loop with the cord A over the cord B. We leave the cord B still untouched.
  • Then take the right line A to the loop and push it through the eyelet just laid. We should do this so that the cord B is included.
  • Tighten the knot well and leave an eyelet about one centimeter in diameter.

Bracelets for friendship

Now we have to put the cord A on the right around the ends of the cord A and B lying directly behind from behind. Once again we put the end to the right. Now we put the cord B around the cord A and push the end between A and B from behind. Align and tighten this knot well.

Now to the other side

  • Lay the leash B from the back around the two cords directly next to it and pull it to the left. Now we take the cord A and put it around the cord B at the back and through the two cords A and B.
  • We also have to tighten and align this knot carefully. We must continue this procedure for our friendship bracelets to the desired length.
  • When we arrive at the end, then the two outer ends should be separated and fused with the lighter.
  • We knot the two central cords together to form a diamond knot. The instructions for this can be found in the video tutorial.

Masculine Bracelets for Men

The man of today wears accessories that emphasize his masculine character and enhance his attractiveness in a stylish way. The pieces of jewelry are simply or extravagantly designed and always look classy. Some men’s wristbands are iconic and made by well-known designers and brands. It is therefore worthwhile to browse through the diverse assortment.

Leather Bracelet Or A Piece Of Jewelry Made Of Stainless Steel?

Especially for men bracelets made of stainless steel and leather are popular. The accessories fit perfectly with the men’s outfit and are a great eye-catcher. Link chains, studs and leather also go well with jeans. Individually customizable leather bracelets and stainless steel products are in full swing. The metal plates can be personalized with a personal engraving and are a welcome gift for a birthday or for Christmas, perfect bracelet gift for loved ones.

Bracelets in Extraordinary Designs

If you’re looking for men’s bracelets for men, you’ll find a wide selection of extravagantly designed pieces. How about, for example, an intricately wrapped bracelet or a piece of jewelry with applications and lettering? The timelessly elegant bracelets for men are made so robust that you will enjoy them for many years. Browse the assortment now and buy a men’s bracelet that suits you perfectly.

Men’s Bracelets: Accessory for the Style-Conscious Man or Technical Sophistication for the Athlete

Who thinks bracelets and jewelry is only something for women, who are wrong. Bracelets look back on a long history, especially in men as men’s jewelry back to the origins of mankind. Bracelets are also a tradition in men in many cultures. Already among hunters, warriors and knights rugged man’s bracelets belonged to the basic equipment of a man and served among other things the protection of the wrist, as for example before passing hands sword strokes.

The lords of the Celts wore valuable bracelets of silver, which pointed to their nobility and expressed their power. Men’s bracelets made of precious materials, such as coins and silver rings, were also a valuable item sometimes used as a means of payment in earlier eras. Men of many indigenous peoples, primitive peoples and Indians have always worn bracelets made of various and often colorful natural materials with ornate patterns and symbols. Men’s bracelets with a spiritual significance have also a long tradition, such as Tibetan ball bracelets made of mineral stones or pearls.

Attractive designs and styles

Today, there are men’s bracelets in many different attractive designs and styles. An attractive bracelet for men is an expression of style, fashion awareness, individual personality, coolness and masculinity. Depending on the type and design, bracelets for men also make a statement, accentuate the personal charisma and give the fashionable men’s outfit that certain something. A men’s bracelet is masculine in design, robust and even simpler than ladies, but no less attractive and stylish. Strikingly stylish, there are bracelets for men in almost every imaginable style. Classically elegant, aesthetically modern, sporty, rocking, in a biker style, in a retro look, in an adventurous style or in casual, bracelets are available for every man and fashion style. Bracelets for smart casual style should not be missed, too. Stylish men’s bracelets are also worn by modern fashion-conscious men with a metrosexual fashion style who value their appearance, fashion, design and styling.

Leather, stainless steel or silver

Men’s bracelets are designed from a variety of materials. Especially popular are masculine bracelets made of leather, stainless steel and sterling silver, which are often combined or decorated with neat mineral stones. Similarly, men like to wear a bracelet made of artfully knotted or braided fabrics. However, men’s bracelets are not only decorative jewelry, but also purely functional, such as plastic fitness bracelets with technical equipment for athletes. Brand offers in its online shop an extensive selection of fine men’s wristbands from renowned brands and fashion labels in stylish designs and many different styles. Here men find their bracelet according to their style, which emphasizes their personality expressively, perfectly accentuating their outfit.

Everything you need to know about Squishies

Kids love trends. Sometimes, a toy will gain great popularity among children, and it spreads like wildfire. Furthermore, kids are natural collectors. So, it’s no surprise that the latest craze from Japan is trending. The squishies are not only adorable but perfect as collectibles, as well.


Kawaii Squishies


Squishies are the epitome of the Japanese Kawaii culture. Kawaii means “cute” or “adorable”. And, we must say, that describes squishies to a T. They come in many shapes and sizes. The most popular ones have the form of famous cartoon and anime characters. However, food squishies and animal squishies aren’t far behind in popularity, either.


Squishies are oh-so-soft. Fans of squishies usually describe them as “bread-like.” They even come scented, so you can smell the freshly-baked bread while you are playing with them. Squishies are the perfect tactile toy not only for kids but also adults.


Squishies come from Japan. Not a surprise, as Japan is known for cute trends. But, their cuteness isn’t their only positive trait. Squishies are also safe for use and have no age limitations. Finding a safe, fun toy for your child isn’t easy, but squishies check all the marks.


Material properties

The materials are non-toxic, and there are no worries about choking hazards. Because each year thousands of children get hurt by poorly manufactured toys, a safe toy is heaven-sent to most parents. That is why parents tend to buy big, soft toys for their young children. And, squishies fall into both those categories. Because of this, it is common to find squishies in family day out. They tend to make kids busy while everyone hangs out.


Toys with sharp edges, toys that shoot parts into the air or noisy toys might seem fun, but they can be dangerous. Especially if you don’t use them correctly. So, choose softer toys. However, even stuffed animal toys can be a bit tricky. If they aren’t appropriately sewn or have loose parts, they can become a hazard.


When choosing toys for your children, check what materials manufacturers use, to see if they are safe. They have to be non-toxic and without any chemicals. Furthermore, avoid plastic toys made from a weak material that can easily break.


The safest toy around

Keeping all this in mind, it seems that squishies really meet the high standards of worried parents. They aren’t a choking hazard. Furthermore, they are composed of a practically indestructible material. The foam that squishies are made out of will not break down quickly. Just make sure to keep it away from direct sunlight. Otherwise, it might lose the coloring.


Squishies might be the safest toy around. They rate very high amongst parents when it comes to safety. The fact that children of all ages can use them is a nice bonus. It’s rare that one toy is so versatile.


No kid can resist a squishy! The bright colors, pleasant texture and intoxicating scent will keep even the most active children entertained. Rather than letting kids play Angry birds app on gadgets, better let them play Angry Bird squishies. Not to mention that the adorable shapes attract kids’ attention. As for the parents, they can rest assured of their child’s safety.