5 Love Bracelet Styles You’d Love To Have

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Friendship bracelets are enjoying an ever-growing community. Why friendship bracelets are so popular with young and old. They express a kind of affection towards the opposite. Confidence and fellowship connects with these bracelets.Here can friendship bracelets look very different. On the one hand, it is the materials that make up the bracelets. And on the other hand, the various forms that make up these beautiful friendship bracelets.Who wants to make these bracelets, has many possibilities of shapes and patterns.Here we present today the Watercourse love bracelet.

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What materials do we need for this friendship bracelet?

  • Two strings Para cord – of course.
  • The Para cord cords should be about 1,90m per string long.
  • For this we need a lighter for the ends.
  • A pair of scissors to cut off the ends.
  • And I used a pair of pliers to possibly edit the ends.
  • For better orientation I use shortcuts for the strings. So string A is the one with the eyelet and the other string B.

Let’s not our friendship bracelets

  • First, we put both cords together in the middle to equal parts. Next, we put a loop with the cord A over the cord B. We leave the cord B still untouched.
  • Then take the right line A to the loop and push it through the eyelet just laid. We should do this so that the cord B is included.
  • Tighten the knot well and leave an eyelet about one centimeter in diameter.

Bracelets for friendship

Now we have to put the cord A on the right around the ends of the cord A and B lying directly behind from behind. Once again we put the end to the right. Now we put the cord B around the cord A and push the end between A and B from behind. Align and tighten this knot well.

Now to the other side

  • Lay the leash B from the back around the two cords directly next to it and pull it to the left. Now we take the cord A and put it around the cord B at the back and through the two cords A and B.
  • We also have to tighten and align this knot carefully. We must continue this procedure for our friendship bracelets to the desired length.
  • When we arrive at the end, then the two outer ends should be separated and fused with the lighter.
  • We knot the two central cords together to form a diamond knot. The instructions for this can be found in the video tutorial.

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Men’s Bracelets: Accessory for the Style-Conscious Man or Technical Sophistication for the Athlete

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