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What can I buy as a gift on your site?

Gifts are available year round. Simply look for the “Buy as a Gift” button to confirm the deal can be purchased as a gift.

Please note “physical products” are not available for gifting. But don’t worry, you can always send a product directly to someone—just note that the item will not include a gift message.

How do I give the gift to my family member or friend?

For voucher based items:

During checkout, you will be given the option to email the voucher to the recipient or print the voucher to give to them in person! Email option also includes the ability to select the date on which the gift message is sent. Gift messages can be personalized.

For physical products:

Items can be shipped to the recipient’s address or directly to you.

Will I receive a confirmation email letting me know they received the gift voucher?

Yes, you will receive a confirmation email when your recipient receives the gift voucher.

Is my gift card redeemable for cash?

Gift cards may not be redeemed for cash or used to obtain cash in any way, except as required by applicable law.

How Do I Choose A Gift?

All of our gifts are time tested and we know that families truly appreciate them. Your choice should be based on your allowable budget (don’t forget shipping), any personal preferences you may have and/or any dietary restrictions of the family that you are aware of. We are always happy to help you make your selection.

How should I address the gift—to my friend? To the entire family?

While you may have a specific friend or colleague in mourning, it is a nice gesture to address the gift to the entire family. For example, instead of Ms. Suzie Miller, The Miller Family. If you are sending a gift to someone who is staying with friends or family, you can address it as follows: The Miller Family, c/o The XYZ Family.