Make Your Own Fruit Basket

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Making your own fruit basket to give as a gift makes perfect sense, no matter the time of year.

Whether it is during the Christmas holidays or to commemorate an occasion such as a birthday or anniversary, or you are in need of an extra-special way to say thank-you, a fruit basket fits the bill. If you are separated by a great distance from the person who is receiving the gift, then utilizing an on-line gift fruit shipper makes your task very simple. However, for those who are in your immediate area, a fruit basket that you have assembled, packaged and delivered makes your gift even more heart-felt.

The initial step in making your own fruit basket is to assemble the fruits and other products you would like to include. Start with traditional, readily available fruits such as oranges, apples and bananas. Then consider adding seasonal or exotic fruits. For instance, at Christmas time, you may want to include Comice pears. Comice pears are at their peak during the holiday season and are a sweet addition to any fruit display. Fresh strawberries are at their best during the spring and would add great color and taste to any fruit basket. In the summer, try including mangos, plums or peaches. Favorite fall fruit basket additions might be grapes or specialty apples and pears.

Once you have selected the fruits for your basket, it is time to work on toward the finished product. Traditionally, a straw or other natural fiber basket is used; either with or without a handle. The basket options are only limited by your own creativity. Any receptacle that will hold the fruit and look festive will do – even a decorative ceramic or glass bowl, flower pot, wire basket, antique wooden crate, etc. The container should be lined with shredded paper or a similar product that will cushion the fruit and help it to stay in place. Put the largest, heaviest fruits in first and then display the smaller fruit around them. Next, secure the fruit in the basket by wrapping with cellophane or heat-sealable plastic wrapping. Both are available in various colored and can be coordinated with the holiday or special occasion.

Finally, your fruit basket is ready for presentation. You may want to place your fruit basket in a large box for transport. Be sure to secure the fruit basket with packing materials so that it doesn’t tip over. Once you arrive at your destination, remove the fruit basket from the box, present and be prepared for smiles and words of appreciation for your from-the-heart gift.

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